- Natural & Organic -

Our Story

Glad Oil was founded on the idea that there needed to be a company where every individual can rely on the quality, efficacy, and naturality of essential oil solutions to meet their needs. It all started when our founder was experiencing hair breakage and started to have bald spots. After trying many different products, the hair breakage and bald spots continued. With her extensive knowledge on extracting oil and countless hours of research, she developed the “Maximum Strength Oil” and it worked wonderfully. Thus, everyone noticed the results and asked what product she used, they all wanted to try it. Everyone was happy with the results, one particular feedback that stood out the most was “I am really glad I tried your oil”, hence the name Glad Oil.

Why Glad Oil?


Efficacy, naturality, and quality is what we bring to the table! Oil is oil regardless of its sate or quality; however, the results or the purpose of using an oil is subject to its efficacy, naturality, and quality. All of our oils are 100% natural made from naturally grown ingredients and are carefully extracted not by machine, but by hand. This process yields a perfect you can count on to meet your needs.

Our Vision


To provide natural and healthy oil solutions to every individual for everyday hair and skin needs.

Our Mission


Providing natural and healthy solutions by having the best quality, being environmentally friendly and responsible, and maintaining trust in the company and its products.

Having the best quality: We believe quality is key and uncompromising! All of our oils are unrefined and goes through a careful extraction process, thus yielding an effective product with the highest quality.

Being environmentally friendly and responsible: We care about the environment! All of our oils are extracted from 100% natural grown plants and ingredients purchased from local farmer’s markets. And all materials associated with are recyclable.

Maintaining trust in the company and its products: We stand by our products and what we represent! Every customer who have tried our products have been 100% satisfied, and we will continue to work tirelessly to stand by our values and maintaining this level of satisfaction from every single customer.